Hello, I'm

Tyler Peterson

I'm a third year student at Brigham Young University studying business and computer science. I'm passionate about full-stack development, system architecture, and the intersection between business, technology, and design.

A little about me:

Work Experience

Backend Engineer Intern

August 2016 - Jan 2017

I worked for ClientSuccess as a backend engineer Inter. I primarily worked in Javascript, Java, Clojure, and SQL. I built backend and fullstack features and deployed projects as microsservices in Docker containers on AWS.

Passive Inspection CubeSat

I'm a founding member of a $200,000 NASA USIP research project to develop a cube satellite that captures spherical images and video in space, with a guaranteed launch in 2017. I developed the initial software prototypes for spherical image capturing and processing, and particpated in mechanical engineering research on design of camera technology.

Software Engineer Intern

June - August 2016

I interned at Visa as a backend developer, primarily working in Java. I rewrote the image resizing code for Visa Checkout, leading to a significant increase in image quality. I also developed an internal dashboard in ElasticSearch and node.js that analyzes build and deploy information from Jenkins to a variety of internal servers.

Robot Lawyer

March 2016

I won CourtHack, a hackathon to develop creative solutions for the legal system. We developed ‘Robot Lawyer’, a friendly chatbot that uses conversation to generate completed legal documents. I built the document completion features and worked on the chat functionality and front-end interface, and will demo our project at e-Courts 2016 in Vegas.

Full Stack Developer

February - May 2016

I worked for BYU's Mckay School of Education, where I created web applications using PHP, SASS, and Javascript, and helped design the MySQL database architecture.


March 2016

I built Streetlapse, a web application that takes A/B points in Google Maps and generates a first person streetview timelapse journey of the selected route.

Data Analyst Intern

June - August 2015

I interned at Visa where I wrote SQL queries to calculate and track the effectiveness of Visa merchant’s promotional campaigns, and developed dashboards and alerting systems to monitor the data in real time.


June 2015

At AngelHack SV 2015 I developed an HP Sprout application that serves as a medical kiosk; it scans fingers and hands and generates 3D printable braces, as well as scanning and reading insurance documents. We won Autodesk’s 1st place prize, HP’s 2nd place prize, and were a named a top 6 finalist for the hackathon.

Web Developer

April - June 2015

I created PHP applications for BYU IT security to track and reduce the number of compromised and infected systems on campus.

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