Hi, I'm

Tyler Peterson

I solve problems with code.

I'm a software developer interested in system architecture, scalability, and full stack development. In my free time I enjoy building side projects, skiing, and playing the guitar.

Work Experience

Software Engineer


March 2018 - Present

I work on Qualtric's Analytics Platform, working primarily with Spark, Kafka, and Scala.

Software Engineer - Part Time


March 2017 - January 2018

I work on Qualtric's Text Analytics team, making unstructured text useful for our customers. I primarily developed back-end applications using Scala, Python, and Docker.

Software Engineer Intern


June 2017 - August 2017

I interned at Applovin in Palo Alto, building out a log monitoring system with Spark and Scala to detect unusual traffic patterns and application errors. I also built data processing/filtering web features with JavaScript and PHP.

Software Engineer - Part Time


Aug 2016 - Jan 2017

I worked for ClientSuccess as a software engineer intern, using Angular, Java, Clojure, and SQL. I built backend and full stack features and deployed projects as micro-services in Docker containers on AWS.

Software Engineer Intern


June - August 2016

I interned at Visa as a backend developer, primarily working in Java. I rewrote the image resizing code for Visa Checkout, leading to a significant increase in image quality. I also developed dashboards with node.js and ElasticSearch to monitor aggregate Jenkins deployments.

Data Analyst Intern


June - August 2015

I interned at Visa where I wrote SQL queries to calculate and track the effectiveness of Visa merchant’s promotional campaigns, and developed dashboards and alerting systems to monitor the data in real time.



(Launching Soon)

I built a website to manage and share cryptocurrency public addresses in an easy and intuitive way. Built as a PWA with a Vue.js frontend, Flask backend, docker-compose, and hosted on Digital Ocean.


I created a secure RESTful micro-service for user authentication and management with email verification and reset. Built with Python, Flask, Gunicorn, Sendgrid, Docker, Postgres, and AWS.


I made a Twitter Bot that uses neural networks to transfer famous art styles to quality stock photos from Unsplash.

Robot Lawyer

I won CourtHack, a hackathon to develop creative solutions for the legal system. We developed ‘Robot Lawyer’, a friendly chatbot that uses conversation to generate completed legal documents, and presented our project at e-Courts Vegas 2016.


I built a web application that uses the Google Maps API to generate a first-person walking timelapse between any two points.


At AngelHack SV 2015 I developed an HP Sprout application that scans hands and generates custom 3D printable braces. We won Autodesk’s 1st place prize, HP’s 2nd place prize, and were a named a top 6 finalist for the hackathon.

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